The cultivation of saffron

Saffron, is planted during the months of May or June depending on the region. The bulbs sprout at the end of September and the flowering arrives between the middle of October and December. With this last process culminates the time of cultivation.

Then we go to the harvest time, the "saffron rose" is cut for a maximum of 25 days, this work is done early in the day with baskets of flowers in which they are placed as illustrated by our Photo.

Then it is trimmed and roasted, maintaining temperatures around 35ยบ in order not to burn. The objective is that the stigmas lose practically all their moisture and the color during this process happens to be a bright red to a dark red.

With this culminates the process of sowing, harvesting and preparation of the saffron for its packaging and distribution to our customers.

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Quality and Packaging

We use exclusively high quality saffron for our customers, saffron harvested, processed and packaged immediately after their harvesting process. We always offer you the best batches of each harvest, both for technical specifications and for their physical presence and aroma.

Each order is delivered to our customers with all their identification data of batch, date of packaging, expiration and analysis corresponding to the particular item. In this way we make sure that every order has its traceability whether it is saffron in thread or in any of its forms.