Red Fort


Our company is a company with great tradition in the Spanish market. Our brand Alhambra-Saffron, has its roots in the Arab culture, ALHAMBRA OR ALHAMRA (in Arabic), means Red Fort.

The saffron was introduced by the Arabs in Spain, thus began to cultivate the saffron from the 7th century. Saffron was quickly becoming a product highly appreciated by the Bourgeoisie and with restricted access to the lower classes of the population.

The Arabs used saffron for medical applications because of their anesthetic properties; in the Muslim culture, saffron was becoming the most important spice from the economic point of view, also being used as an indispensable coloring and flavoring of most of its dishes.

This tradition was preserved in Spain until today, becoming a fundamental ingredient of the Mediterranean gastronomic culture.

Alhambra-Saffron symbolizes the fusion of these two cultures, Spain is today a reference country in both quality and service giving the category of Gourmet to one of the most valued products of the world cuisine.